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payment tools for social commerce
Expand your eCommerce strategy by adding all your social media platforms to your sales program.
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increase sales with your social media
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market research opportunities
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grow your customer base
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manage sales from one platform
Turning your social media into an online shop is like having a hotdog stand at the State Fair, except on your social media, you can sell your products & services 365 days of the year.
We made it really simple!
Paysley lets you accept payments for products & services or collect donations directly from your social media. Paysley's integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & WhatsApp allows you to post any custom campaign payment page straight from your Paysley dashboard. Your customers can share every payment page on their social media. Can you see the potential?
It is time to discover new opportunities...
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online sales without an eCommerce website
Paysley integrates directly with your social media accounts to allow you to post campaigns from your Paysley dashboard. You can list products, tickets, or services, while Paysley manages your available inventory. You can effortlessly manage unlimited campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, selling anything without an eCommerce website.
real-time analytics to hypertarget social media commerce
Every payment link for each campaign is tracked, so you can see just how well your social selling tools are doing. Use that data to streamline your sales, run reports, and tweak straight from your dashboard.
multi user accounts to help track staff activity
Manage multiple user accounts across your organization to track sales activity by each account user. You can configure each user account with special account permissions.
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attract 45% more sales by using social media commerce
Top social commerce companies see higher sales numbers and more opportunities when implementing social selling tools.
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engage with your customers on social media
Your future customers are already on social media, they just don’t know about you yet. Social selling give you a better way to connect with potential customers:
  • managing a fundraiser
  • crowdfunding an idea
  • selling products & services
  • scheduling advance bookings
our social commerce capability is perfect for...
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launching new products & services
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special event tickets
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end of line sale
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last minute bookings
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homemade goods
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web designers
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private labelers
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yard sale
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all from your Paysley dashboard
One login can do it all: Create campaigns, schedule content, manage payment pages and social media posts, track and report data, invite customers, generate online invoices and receipts, add multiple users, edit login permissions. Utilize all of the social selling tools that drive real sales.
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become a top social commerce company with optimization
Use Paysley to turn your social media posts into data while increasing your sales. Connect with new customers, give your team another way to drive sales, and get paid faster with social selling tools that work for your business.