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Merchandise, Event tickets, Online Fundraisers. Boost visibility and financial support for various programs in a matter of minutes.

Quick Cart@300x



Paysley’s QuickShop makes selling online fast and easy. In just a few clicks, you can set up a one-page checkout where customers see your chosen products or services, pick what they want, and pay quickly. It’s perfect for businesses that want a simple, speedy way to sell online without the hassle of a big setup. Not to mention, you can have unlimited amounts of quick shop pages, so whether it’s for special deals, services, or everyday sales, QuickShop gets your online sales going in no time, helping you connect with customers and boost your sales effortlessly.


Social Media

Paysley boosts your social media by adding QuickShop payment links directly into your posts, stories, and bio. This means your followers can easily click and buy on the spot, making their shopping experience smoother. It’s a smart way to turn your social media engagement into actual sales. Show off your latest products on Instagram or share deals on Facebook, and let Paysley’s QuickShop do the heavy lifting. With Paysley, your social media isn’t just engaging—it’s a direct path to boosting your sales.

Social Media Connect@300x

The next stage in online shopping.

A payment link that allows you to sell as many of your items anywhere online with our instant, personalized one-page shop and checkout experience.


Specialty Retail

Elevate your brand’s presence by sharing your specialty or high-end product purchases and QuickShop pages on social media with Paysley. Turn every sale into an opportunity for viral marketing, drawing in an upscale clientele.


Places of Worship & Non Profits

Whether it’s supporting community outreach programs, funding building projects, or contributing to charitable causes, Places of Worship can inspire greater participation and donations from their members with Paysely’s Campaigns. Plus, the live progress tracking feature keeps donors informed and motivated, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.



Launch online sales for campus-wide events, sports teams, arts programs, and clubs with QuickShop. This tool simplifies selling merchandise, event tickets, and organizing fundraisers, boosting visibility and financial support for various programs.