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Frequently Asked Questions

Paysley is a business payment solution you can use to deliver payment requests to your customers. Send a text (SMS or MMS) or use email, social media, and QR codes with an instant payment link. Customers don't need to download an app or register. It's the most straightforward and convenient way for your customers to pay you.

Single payment requests send a text (SMS or MMS) or email from paysley with an instant payment link included. Bulk payment requests upload a file with customer details and the payment amounts and send all requests in a single batch. Group payment requests keep your customers' details in your paysley CRM and quickly send a request to everyone included in that group. Recurring payment requests set up a payment schedule in paysley and send a text (SMS or MMS) or email with an instant payment link and plan details. As soon as the first payment is made, details are stored in the secure gateway and all future payments are made automatically.

These solutions require your customers to create an account or download an app, but with paysley, they don't have to. There is no registration, no password, no PIN for your customer to remember. Whether they've ever used paysley before or not...they can simply pay you! You get your own card processing account, instead of the shared processing our competitors use, which can lead to holds on funds and dispute resolution that often favors the customer. There is no hardware required for in person sales. Devices get lost, or don't always work. With paysley, your customer's phone is used to open the payment page, enter card details and submit. Simple and easy. Apps are more vulnerable than our browser based solution. With paysley, card data never leaves the PCI secure environment and card details are not stored on any device.
Very! Your payments are processed in a PCI Level 1 certified gateway. Once your customer enters their card data, it never leaves the PCI secure environment and cannot be mishandled by other systems or humans. This protects both you and your customer from the risk of account data compromise.
  1. No app to download
  2. No account registration, PINs or passwords needed
  3. You never handle their card data
  4. Contactless payments and receipts-whether they pay you remotely or in person
Your customer's payment is processed in a PCI Level 1 certified payment gateway. Your card processor deposits the payment directly into your bank account.
Most likely. Contact us at [email protected] to enquire.
Paysley supports most major card brands including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
We'd love to discuss partnerships with you! Please contact [email protected] or call +1(213) 805-5914
At this time, paysley does not support ACH payments.
ApplePay and GooglePay allow for one-click payments. They're a fantastic combination of speed and simplicity without sacrificing security. Look for ApplePay and GooglePay on the paysley platform in the near future.