Welcome to paysley, your contactless payment connection,

where every customer's phone is a POS


Now customers can tap to pay directly from their mobile devices. Simply scan, tap and go. No app download or registration required.

we’ve made touchless payments uniquely simple & secure

Never collect your customer’s card information again. Paysley offers you an uncomplicated, alternative to traditional contactless payment options.

How do our contactless payment systems work?

Paysley lets you send secure, contactless, and tap to pay requests to your customers over text or email.

Your customers can also access your custom payment page on their mobile devices by scanning a unique QR code that you can display anywhere online or in-person.

  • No card readers, hardware, or special devices
  • No app download or account registration for your customers
  • No redirect to a service provider or separate website
contactless payment

receive payments in many ways

Direct Requests

Send a payment request directly to your customer’s mobile phone or email. Your personalized text to pay message will include instant contactless payment options for a quick and convenient experience.

QR Code Scan & Pay

Every paysley payment request, campaign, and weblink features a unique QR code that can be printed or displayed online to let your customer simply tap and go right from their phone. Unique, quick, and simple.

Virtual Campaigns

Your paysley account links directly to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Easy to set up and manage unlimited tap to pay campaigns, auctions, fundraisers, product sales and more right from your social media.

Recurring Payments

Automate your customer’s monthly payments with an ongoing or time-specified payment plan. Pending your customer's first touchless payment, they can be auto-enrolled for recurring requests.

custom payment CRM

a custom payment CRM

so that customer connections are made easier

Upload and manage your customer information directly in your paysley portal.

Add custom data fields, import and export functions, and seamless integrations into most CRM and ERP platforms. Mold paysley’s contactless payment systems to fit your business, not the other way around.

a unique developer portal

to unify payments across all existing channels

Our intuitive payment API lets you integrate paysley with your existing platforms.

  • Easy to use digital and interactive API portal
  • Detailed user guide & technical support
  • Free access to our Sandbox and Live production system

Multi Device Access

Paysley is a turnkey cloud solution that works on any internet-connected device. API integrations are also available.

Multi User Access

Your paysley account can be accessed by multiple users, each with unique login details and account privileges.​

Own Processor

Unique to paysley! Contract directly with a preferred acquiring partner or use your existing merchant services provider.​

Easy Customization​

Add your company logo, colors, and messaging to your payment page and receipt for a unique tap to pay experience.

Own your Number

Your local phone number lets your customers instantly identify your company or organization as the official sender of the payment request.

PCI Compliant

Card information is managed by a PCI-DSS certified payment gateway. Your customers will never have to share personal card information with you.​


Real-time request information, payment notification history, data import & export options, as well as instant reversal and refund options.


Turn your customers’ phone into a touchless payment POS terminal by utilizing tap and pay, unique QR codes printed on your invoice.

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