accept QR code payments with scan-to-pay technology
Using QR payments will set you apart from the competition because they’re simple, safe, and, best of all, contactless.
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get rid of your POS terminal
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use QR codes in any medium
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instantly validate QR payments
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manage it all from one login
Customers have quickly adopted scan-to-pay technology because it is easy, convenient & safe, and businesses accept that QR payments are here to stay. Small businesses, large companies, and super corporations benefit from this new payment method because it speeds up the payment process while saving on expensive card terminals.

Paysley took it further with access to self-setup recurring payments and paperless invoicing to complete your QR payment process.
What are QR code payments?
A QR code payment is when a customer uses their smartphone camera to scan a QR code that instantly presents a link to a payment page where the customer enters their card information or selects Apple or Google Pay to pay. The data within the QR code is encrypted, and the card numbers are never stored. A QR code can be printed or displayed anywhere - the applications are endless.
Starting to use scan-to-pay technology is simple, quick, and secure. Your customers already have a QR code reader built-in their phone camera. Take advantage of it, it is Free
no need for a Card Swipe device
In-person payments benefit from QR payment codes too! Display a QR code at checkout for a contactless way for customers to scan to pay, print a personalized QR code on your receipts or business stationery, or display the QR code on your phone when you need to accept payments on the go. It is that simple.
QR codes automatically generate with every payment request
Every time you create a payment request or invoice, Paysley’s dashboard generates a QR code that your customers can scan to make a mobile payment. It takes no extra time to use scan-to-pay technology in your business.
display custom payment QR codes anywhere
QR codes are effective both printed and digitally displayed. Have your customers scan to pay QR codes from:
  • the bottom of receipts
  • flyers & promotional items
  • shirts and shopping bags
  • the checkout counter
  • social media
  • television commercials
  • text and email threads
  • an ad in the local paper
  • store windows or signs
  • direct mailers
  • business cards
  • product packaging
47% of customers prefer QR payments compared to cash
Surveys show that people prefer QR code payments. Get ahead of the curve and implement scan and pay technology today!
scan and pay capabilities are perfect for...
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food trucks
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retail stores
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convenience stores
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ecommerce stores
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farmers markets
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coffee shops
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seamless paysley dashboard
With one login you can do it all: generate scan-to-pay QR codes, mass upload customers, enroll clients in auto-pay, create and manage auctions and online fundraising platforms , set payment reminders, customize payment pages, generate automatic invoices and receipts, view reports, create additional logins, edit permissions and so much more!
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easily e-validate customer QR payments
Your account includes access to the Paysley Merchant Scanner App which you can use to scan the QR code on the customer’s receipt and verify the customer’s payment. Once confirmed, the receipt is marked as already scanned to prevent double payments or fraud. This feature is ideal for managing crowded stations at festivals, sporting occasions, curbside pickup or other large gatherings where people pre-order tickets and refreshments.