the best SMS payment request solution for business
Sending your customers a text payment request or payment reminder is the most effective way to get paid for your products and services. It’s easier, quicker, and safer.
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faster text to pay payments
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send requests from anywhere
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single and bulk requests
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one login to do it all
Without any doubt, the most reliable way to reach a customer is by text message. When you can send a payment request or payment reminder directly to your customer's phone with a link that includes an instant payment option, you prove that you are serious about your business. When your customer can make a payment without having to register, log in to an account, or download an App, it shows your dedication to customer convenience and satisfaction.
you text them, and they pay you
get paid faster with texting a payment request
No need to wait by the mailbox or spending time on calls to remind customers to pay - Paysley does that for you. Businesses using text to communicate with their clients show a 45% response rate same day, compared to an 8% email response rate.
create a SMS payment requests in less than 10 seconds
It takes seconds to send a payment link to a customer's mobile phone. Select a customer from your My Customer list or enter a new mobile number and send a payment request, and Paysley will automatically create a new customer for you.
contactless text payment requests from anywhere
No matter if you’re in the office or on-the-go, sending a text payment request can happen from anywhere. The Paysley dashboard has full functionality from any device, any time, and anywhere.
text messages has a 209% higher open rate
Compared with traditional payment requests, text messaging gets a staggeringly higher open rate. Email, snail mail, and phone calls have nothing on the power of texting payment requests.
mass batch upload for scalable text payment requests
Paysley's bulk payment request tool allows you to upload a single CSV or XLS format file to send text payment requests to any number of customers.
sending text payment requests are perfect for...
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subscription boxes
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pharmacy refills
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utility services
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property management
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auction houses
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online course providers
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gym memberships
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easy-to-use paysley dashboard
One login can do it all: send text to pay requests, bulk upload customers, enroll clients in auto-pay features, send SMS payment reminders, invite clients to auctions and accept donations , customize payment pages, generate business invoicing and receipts, add additional users, edit login permissions and so much more!
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the best recurring billing SMS payments service
Our text payment request solution allows easy opt-in recurring billing and payment plans. Send a payment request that will automatically register payments to occur every week, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. The recurring payment plan starts when your customer makes the first payment.