Our payment solutions are the easiest, safest, and most convenient ways to get paid!

Card-not-present (CNP) transactions are not always eCommerce. A majority of CNP transactions are done via a virtual terminal after a business representative obtains a customer’s card information over the phone, on paper or email. This means that someone in your business is managing extremely sensitive data.

With paysley solutions, you’ll never collect a customer’s sensitive card information again.

The Online Merchant Portal

Our cloud-based paysley portal can be accessed from any internet-connected device. You can also add multiple users in your organization, each with appropriate account privileges. Check out how easy our paysley portal is to use:

  • The user interface ensures an intuitive experience
  • Unique merchant login credentials for multi-user access
  • One login to manage multiple campaigns of all types

One merchant login - so many payment solutions

  • Send single or bulk payment requests via text, email, or QR code
  • Automate invoicing & payment receipts with custom messaging
  • Create web links that give access to all your payment pages
  • Secure virtual terminal and pre-authorization capability
  • Detailed transaction logs with import & exporting features
  • Set up multiple tax and service fees for each unique payment page
  • Process refunds and reversals, with real time confirmations
  • Set up desktop, email, and text notifications

Every payment request, payment reminder, campaign, auction, and donation has a unique payment page.

Invoice Online and On-The-Spot

It takes only a few easy steps to send a one-time or bulk payment request or reminder to your customer’s inbox. Every message includes a link to a secure invoice online. Your customer can select from several payment options and instantly receive a receipt after making payment.

  • Create template messages for fast & convenient payment requests
  • Online invoicing requests using text, QR code messaging, or email
  • Custom payment pages & receipts with your business name & logo
  • Add tax, tip, shipping info, reminders, and auto invoicing features

Scan to Pay

Every paysley payment request, campaign, weblink, and POSlink has a unique QR code. Present this QR code anywhere: on bills, invoices, receipts, statements, invites, event programs, t-shirts, posters, banners, stickers, flyers, or even display it on TV and let customers scan to pay.

Simply Contactless Payments

Use our paysley POSlink to replace or substitute your current mobile POS hardware and allow customers to scan for mobile payment using their phone camera. No App or customer registration is required, just scan and pay.

Easily eValidate Payments

Your paysley account includes access to a paysley Merchant Scanner App. You can use the App to scan the QR code on the customer’s receipt to verify & evalidate the customer’s purchase. One-click epayment validate technology is ideal for managing crowded stations at festivals, sporting occasions, curbside pickup orders and many more.

Social Media Campaign

Your merchant portal connects directly with your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts making it easy to create and manage any social media campaign directly from your paysley login. A few options include:

  • Manage a fundraiser
  • Crowdfund an idea
  • Sell products & services
  • Advertise bookings
  • Run an auction

Asking for Donations

Do you have a database of frequent supporters, but are unsure about how to ask for donations? Send a custom, direct request asking for donations to any supporter through a text message or email. Every request includes a one-click donation option for a direct and convenient donation experience. Send individually or to your entire database.

Auction Management Software

Paysley has free built-in auction management software that allows you to host as many silent & standard auctions as you want. Every auction can display unique images, descriptions, as well as terms & conditions. Auction winners are set to automatically be notified of their win with a payment request for easy and convenient payment.

Recurring Payment Platform

Automate payments for your recurring billing customers at any timeline you set - weekly, monthly, and even bi-monthly. Set the desired recurring payment amount and send it to your customer’s phone or email address. Simply agree on an initial amount with your customer and set the interval of payments to follow.

Paysley takes care of the rest.

All recurring payments will automatically be deducted from the card at the agreed upon intervals in perpetuity or until a set amount is achieved.