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Paysley transforms fundraising for nonprofits and places of worship, making donations seamless and focusing efforts on mission over logistics.

Paysley is a payment solution that is changing the way nonprofits and places of worship raise funds. It combines technology and convenience to support these noble causes and make the donation process more efficient and user-friendly. Paysley offers a comprehensive suite of features that aim to streamline the fundraising process and minimize logistical complexities. This way, organizations can focus more on their mission and less on the technicalities of fundraising.

Revolutionizing Fundraising with Technology

Paysley’s primary feature is the ability to accept one-time donations easily through Quick Pay. At events or gatherings, attendees can make donations through QR payments, which ensures in-the-moment support. Additionally, Paysley allows the option of setting up recurring donations, which encourages ongoing support, allowing donors to contribute regularly. The platform also enhances donor engagement through innovative means such as click-to-donate text messages, email, and social media campaigns. These features ensure that supporters are always just a click away from contributing to your cause.

Simplifying Donations for Immediate Impact

Paysley can also centralize your transactions, thereby streamlining the fundraising reporting process. This consolidation makes the entire operation more efficient and secure, reducing the administrative burden on your organization and minimizing the risk associated with handling donations. By leveraging Paysley, your organization can ensure that a greater portion of its resources and time is devoted to its mission, rather than being tangled in the complexities of fundraising logistics.

Integrating Financial Management with CRM

Adding to its robust array of features, Paysley seamlessly integrates with Planning Center, the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for places of worship. This integration marks a significant advancement in how religious organizations can manage donations and engage with their community, blending financial management with member relations in a cohesive, user-friendly platform.

Unifying Operations for Places of Worship

Through its integration with Planning Center, Paysley offers a streamlined approach to managing donations directly within the familiar environment of Planning Center’s suite of tools. This means that places of worship can now handle all aspects of their operations, from member management to event planning and now, financial transactions, all in one place. The integration simplifies the process of recording and tracking donations, ensuring that financial data is accurately and efficiently managed.

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