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Show Customer Appreciation with a “Thank You for Your Order” Note

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Businesses rely on their customers. One of the most effective ways to obtain, nurture, and grow loyalty among customers is by showing sincere customer appreciation. This can be done by simply saying, “thank you for your order.” It’s that easy.

Thanking customers for their support is a wonderful way to maintain a positive relationship and a good step toward securing customer loyalty and recurring payments from returning customers. Beyond a verbal “thank you for your business,” a thank-you note enforces customer appreciation. As a bonus, a thank you note is an incredibly easy, cost and time-effective method through which you can set your business apart.

Below expands on why you should start showing customer appreciation by sending thank you notes. We’ve also included several examples to help get you started.

Benefits of a Small Business Thank You Message to Customers

“Thank you for your order” cards help your business build a strong reputation as a brand that appreciates and values its customers. Just like any other relationship in life, showing appreciation is vital to maintaining a healthy ongoing exchange. Saying thank you doesn’t take much effort, but this tiny gesture can go a long way in helping grow and maintain your small business.

Below expands on the specific benefits thank you notes provide to your business.

Create a positive relationship with customers

If your business is online, you don’t have the benefit of thanking your customers face-to-face. That means it’s vital to find a way to express your gratitude and conclude the exchange on a positive note. A simple thank you note is your chance to remind customers a caring business stands on the other end of their online transaction.

Even if you do operate an in-person store, saying thank you for your purchase via a note shows shoppers that you value their patronage and have a genuine desire to retain them as a customer. Consumers want to feel respected and appreciated, thus saying “thank you for your order,” is a great step towards that ideal merchant-to-customer relationship. 

Establish ongoing customer loyalty

Expressing sincere gratitude to your customers is a giant step in building long-lasting positive relationships. A small thank you note can work wonders towards securing a customer for life. You want to ensure your customers have a positive experience with your business every step of the way and that they always feel appreciated.

A good experience for your customers makes them more likely to come back to your business for additional purchases, and repeat customers are what keeps you in business. 

Promote positive reviews for your business

Customers who think highly of your business practices are likely to recommend your goods or services to friends, family, and even followers on social media. A simple thank you can turn into a positive review for your business that brings more customers and greater sales to your store.[1] Whether they choose to review through review sites like Google My Business or Yelp, via their social media accounts, or by word-of-mouth, a good review is worth a lot.

The more your customers feel appreciated the more likely they are to recommend your business, and the more likely you are to gain additional sales.

List of Six Business Thank You Messages to Customers

Now that you understand how thanking your customers can benefit your business, you need to know how to say thanks. Personal, sincere words will do the best job of showcasing gratitude to your customers. To help you start on the right foot, below are six example thank-you-for-your-order messages.

Example 1: End of the year

Dear [name of customer],

We are reaching out to thank you for your loyalty to our business this year. It has been a pleasure to serve you and we cannot wait to see you again. We are so grateful for your continued shopping at our store.

Thank you for being a valued customer of [business name].


[your name and title]

Example 2: Open a line of communication

Hi [name of customer],

Thank you for choosing [business name] for all of your [specify the product or services you offer] needs. We are thrilled to have your continued support as a loyal customer. As a valued customer, please do not hesitate to reach out if you ever have any additional needs. Our skilled staff is eager to help you and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

Best regards,

[your name and title]

Example 3: Establish quality standards

Hello [name of customer],

Thank you for visiting our small business and completing your first purchase. We are so excited to welcome you to the [business name] family. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if your purchase experience was anything less than excellent. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

We look forward to our continued relationship and hope to see you again soon. 

Thanks again,

[your name and title]

Example 4: Note for long-term customers

Dear [name of customer],

We are writing to express our gratitude for your loyal support over the years. Our entire team has been delighted to have you as a valued member of the [business name] family. We are so very grateful for your continued patronage. We look forward to continuing to serve you with the utmost level of customer service.

Thank you again and we hope to see you soon. 

Yours truly,

[your name and title]

Example 5: Note to highlight small business operations

Hello [name of customer],

Thank you for the support you have shown [business name]over the years. Your patronage has helped our small business grow. We would not be here without loyal customers like you. Our team looks forward to offering you the continued quality service you deserve and hope to see you again soon.

We offer our sincerest gratitude and hope you have a wonderful day!

Your friends at [business name]

Example 6: Emphasize the importance of the customer

Dear [name of customer],

The entire [business name] team has been delighted to have you as a customer for the past [years as a customer] years. We would like to say thank you for being a loyal member of the [business name] family. We depend on faithful customers like you and we know that we could not have made it all of these years without you by our side. Thank you for allowing us to continue to serve you to the best of our abilities after all these years. 

With sincere gratitude,

The [business name] team

Tips and reminders for writing your own thank you message

First and foremost, write clean, error-free content to display your professionalism. You should keep your message concise to maintain your customer’s interest. Be personal and engaging, but make sure your level of gratitude is appropriate. Don’t go overboard in your expression of thanks.

Personalize each thank you note to the individual customer so it feels like you are speaking to them specifically. Remember to tell your customers what you are thanking them for. The goal is to be authentic, not automated. 

Creative Ways to Say “Thank You for Choosing Us”

With a plethora of ways to express your gratitude to your customers, you want to make sure your message of customer appreciation stands out. If you’re hankering for ideas of how to say thank you for your order, consider the following:

woman writing thank you on a note to say thank you for your purchase

Send a hand-written thank you letter

Hand-written letters are the most personal thank you note you can send. A hand-written note shows that you took the time to sit down and physically write your gratitude. Your top-tier customers deserve to feel the greatest level of appreciation, and a hand-written letter will do just that.

Send a “thank you for your business” email to repeat customers

Repeat customers have already displayed a sense of loyalty to your business. If you already have a set email list of repeat customers who opted to receive your messages, use this list to your advantage. This is an established form of communication you can utilize to give thanks.

In giving thanks for recurring patronage, your customer knows that their loyalty has not gone unnoticed. You want the customer to be aware that you know they have repeatedly chosen to shop with you and that you’re grateful for their loyalty.

Design an automated “thank you for ordering” page

Once a customer places an order at your virtual store, you have the opportunity to thank them for their business right then and there. After a customer checks out via a checkout page or shopping cart, they are most likely directed to an “order confirmation” webpage. While you should still confirm your customers’ orders, consider adding a “thank you for order” message to this automated webpage. By adding this simple dose of appreciation, you instill in your eCommerce customers the notion that they are valued by your business. 

Use a chatbot “thank you for your purchase” message

If you have implemented a customer service chatbox within your online store, you can use this form of communication to your advantage. Once a customer checks out their cart, your chatbot can thank them for their purchase. This immediate sign of gratitude signals that their purchase has gone through and that you are grateful for their business.

Create a post-purchase thank you for shopping with us email

You can follow up every order from your business with a “thank you for your order” email to their inbox. You could send this thank you email as an automated response after your customer pays the invoice that you emailed to them earlier. This shows customers not only that you appreciate their choice to purchase from your business, but also serves as a confirmation of their order. You can include “your order has been received,” “your order is being processed,” or “your order has been confirmed.” Additionally, you can inform customers that they will receive another email with shipping information.

Include an exclusive offer to express thanks

You may choose to offer an exclusive offer for future purchases along with your customer appreciation. Many businesses offer valued patrons discounts, free shipping, or promo codes for a future purchase. Nowadays, these discounts can even be sent through a QR code. You may put a time limit on these exclusive offers, such as it being used within the next week or the next month. You’re not only saying thanks, but you’re showing your thankfulness too. 

Even if the customer does not use the promo, they will still feel strongly valued as a customer. If they do use the promo, you have won your business an additional sale. This small gesture can quickly turn one-time customers into repeat customers. Saying thank you with an exclusive offer promotes customer loyalty whether they are used or not, so it’s truly a win-win situation for your business and your customers. 

When to Send Business Thank You Messages to Customers

Now that you understand the why and how behind showing customer appreciation via a thank you note, it’s time to explore the when. Below details several specific times when it’s best to send your customers a sincere message of gratitude. 

Thank you for your business to celebrate customer anniversaries

thanks for your support written on chalkboard at coffee shop to show customer appreciation

The years of loyalty a customer has given your business should not go unnoticed. Instead, you should acknowledge a customer’s length of patronage and pay tribute to shoppers for their continued business. In this thank you note, notify your customers of how long they’ve been shopping at your store or enjoying your services. Then, express your gratitude for their patronage and what their loyalty has meant to your business over the years. 

Send a business thank you letter after a quote

Sending a note of thanks after providing a quote to a client shows potential customers that you are going to value their business. Even before a customer has agreed to purchase your goods or services, you are displaying a dedication to customer satisfaction. Once a potential client knows you actually care about gaining their business, you’ve swayed the odds in your favor that the quote will turn into a sale.

“Thanks for your order” after a purchase

While we covered order follow-up emails above, another option is to include a physical “thank you for your order” note within the customer’s shipping box. A note of thanks makes the package feel more personal, giving customers the impression that their order was handled with care.

Leverage holidays by saying “thank you for supporting my small business”

Holidays are the perfect time to send out appreciation notes. Themed notes that go along with the season catch consumer attention, and at a time when shopping is at its peak, it’s not a bad idea to include a discount and encourage a sale.

Demonstrate client appreciation every day

Customer appreciation is essential to keep consumers returning to your business and, in turn, keep your business running. If you operate a small business genuine customer appreciation is vital to keep your business running. Make sure you show appreciation not only during the holidays, but year-round.

Final Thoughts on Sending a Thank You Note for Customer Appreciation

The most important aspect of your thank you notes is sincerity. After you’ve accepted payment, you want to make your customers feel personally appreciated. After all, they are people who spend their hard-earned cash at your business. Be personal, not robotic in your message and you’ll keep customers coming back to your business for years to come. It’s really that simple.


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