create a secure payment link online in seconds

Save a trip and have your customers pay by link for a fast and easy checkout right from their phone, tablet, or computer.

contactless payment option
create payment links in seconds
send direct or post online
the paysley portal does it all


Payment links and other contactless solutions have come to the forefront of business in recent years because of quick customer adoption as well as changes in consumer behavior. People want convenience, simplicity, and technology to improve the ecommerce experience, which is why pay by links are becoming so popular. Paysley takes this a step further and compresses what used to be an hours-long task into a simple 3 step process for your customers: click the payment link, enter card information, and tap to pay. This is just one of paysley’s many convenient ways to accept payments .

So, what is a payment link?

A payment link is simply a URL that, when clicked, sends the customer to a branded payment page where they can pay for a product, service, or make a donation. No need to have a customer come into the shop or for the business to send a paper invoice to get paid. It is an instant process no matter where you are.

There are also multiple ways that a pay link can be utilized:

  1. A secure payment link can be generated and sent to a specific customer.
  2. An online pay by link can also be created to circulate virtually for anyone to click, view, and pay.
  3. Or payment links can be made and sent to a targeted group of clients tagged within the paysley portal.

No matter your business’ size, using online payment links will get you paid faster.

the fastest way to get paid online

No more waiting around for a check in the mail or a customer to walk through your door; get in front of your clients in the way that is most convenient for them: virtually. With an online payment link embedded in your pay by text message, email, and social media campaigns, you get paid instantly with just a click of a button.

generate a custom pay by link with just one click

Every time you create a payment request in the paysley dashboard, it generates a secure payment link for your customers to pay on their computer or mobile phone . Let contactless, one-click transactions optimize your business for the technological age.

use online payment links in any format

Creating a pay by link can happen anywhere with internet connection, where you put them is what matters.

  • sent to customers via SMS
  • sent to customers via email
  • on social media
  • on your website home page
  • in digital advertising campaigns
  • on blog posts

over 29 million consumers use payment links to make purchases

Customers love to use their phones to pay and in most cases spend more when using an online payment link. It is a growing segment with expectations for complete digital usage in the coming years.

send to one, send to all with bulk upload

Depending on your business strategy, you may need to send a pay link directly to hundreds of customers. If that is the case, utilizing our bulk upload capability is the way to go. Add an unlimited number of customers with an excel file to your account, sort them into groups, and target those customers for specialized payment link campaigns.

payment link capabilities are perfect for...

  • billing companies
  • ecommerce
  • memberships
  • nonprofits
  • artists
  • personal trainers
  • contractors
  • therapists
  • advertising companies
  • utility services
  • hobby classes
  • subscription services

comprehensive paysley portal

Your personalized merchant portal helps you keep track of your business at a glance. Within each of the consoles, you have the ability to send secure payment links, upload thousands of customers, enroll clients in recurring billing, send payment reminders, generate QR codes to use scan and pay, customize auction and donation pages, click to send invoices and receipts, add employees as users, and much more!

send a one-click recurring billing payment link

Let your customers opt-in to subscriptions with just one tap of a button and expand your opportunities for quick and secure payments. Set how often you want to reach out to that customer or group of clients for their payment - once a week, twice a month, quarterly - and specify an end date or amount cap if there is one. You can also schedule reminders before and after the payment due date and automatically generate receipts.

Paysley’s pay by link recurring billing software is all that you’ll ever need to help manage a multitude of subscription clients. Flexible, scalable, robust, and only one of the many options for receiving payments online.