the SMS payment business solution of your dreams

Let your customers use sms payments to pay for your products and services. It’s easier, quicker, and safer than the rest.

faster text to pay payments
single and bulk requests
send requests from anywhere
one login to do it all


The mobile revolution is here and customers are using text to pay solutions in their everyday life. Paying for their morning coffee, the repair man they called to fix a clogged sink, and their monthly automated billing rent payments all just got easier. SMS payment billing technology is here to stay, are you ready to get paid faster and easier than before?

But, hold up... what is Text to Pay?

Text to pay (also commonly referred to as pay by text or SMS payments), is a merchant solution that gives businesses and charities the ability to let their customers make payments for goods, services, and donations via text message. It’s mobile payments made easy.

Find out how paysley can benefit your business with its ecosystem of text to pay features customized to your needs!

get paid faster with pay by text technology

No need to wait by the mail or get on the phone to remind customers to pay - paysley does that for you. Businesses that use pay via text communication with their clients show a 45% response rate same day, compared to an 8% email response rate.

create SMS payment requests in 12 seconds flat

It takes only seconds to add a new contact and send a payment link right to their cellphone’s messaging inbox. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

contactless text to pay requests from anywhere

No matter if you’re in the office or on-the-go, sending a text to pay request can happen from anywhere with an internet connection. The business dashboard has full functionality from any device, at any time, and anywhere.

enjoy a 209% higher open rate with SMS payments

Compared with traditional payment requests, text messaging gets a staggeringly higher open rate. Email, snail mail, and phone calls have nothing on the power that text to pay has on payments.

mass batch upload for scalable database management

Send a pay via text text request to everybody in your rolodex with our one-step batch upload feature. Save, remind, and manage each of those customers in the built-out paysley CRM for the easiest way to get paid.

pay via text capabilities are perfect for...

  • contractors
  • subscription boxes
  • plumbers
  • pharmacy refills
  • electricians
  • utility services
  • property management
  • nonprofits
  • mechanics
  • auction houses
  • online course providers
  • gym memberships

easy-to-use paysley dashboard

One login can do it all: send text to pay requests, bulk upload customers, enroll clients in auto-pay features, send SMS payment reminders, invite clients to auctions and accept donations , customize payment pages, generate business invoicing and receipts, add additional users, edit login permissions and so much more! Try saying all of that in one breath...whew.

the best recurring billing SMS payments service

Paysley’s pay by text platform allows for easy opt-in recurring billing. One click of a button and your customers will be sent an SMS payment message every week, month, or year, depending on your terms. Set to end once a certain amount is reached or set it in perpetuity. It is the ultimate functionality at your fingertips.

A pay by text message service is easy to implement into just about any business type and is a flexible and scalable solution to fit your company goals and needs. Check out our pricing page to pick the tier level that works for you and take the first step into the future of accepting payments .