anyone can give, anywhere, anytime.
Fundraising just got a whole lot easier. Make donating faster, safer, and more convenient with our campaign management platform.
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text & email donation requests
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scan a QR code and donate
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donations on social media
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build your own donor database
Paysley offers your nonprofit, charity, or church a fundraising platform that is easy to use and convenient for your donors and members. Whether you’re a nonprofit trying to find a more efficient way to accept donations or a charity ramping up your online donation presence, Paysley provides you with the tools you need.
We are different from other text-to-give fundraising platforms!
Unlike other text-to-give platforms, where the cardholder must send a text to give, Paysley allows you to send a text message to your donors. Your text message includes a link to a custom payment page where the cardholder can instantly donate. There is no cardholder registration or any apps required. You can use the payment page to communicate and collect any information you desire.

To reach a bigger audience, use a Paysley QR code, which gives anyone instant access to the same payment page or share on your social media feeds.
Paysley will simplify your fundraising experience while improving the results.
connect using donation requests
Every fundraising organization has a list of donors that engage seasonally or prefer to give to only specific projects. With the Paysley CRM, you can manage and group contacts based on their preferences to ensure you’re sending text to give requests to the people who are most likely to donate.

Bulk upload donors, add and update contact information, set preferences, and accept payments all online with Paysley’s online fundraising platform.
unlimited donation campaigns all at once
You don’t have to limit your fundraising platform with Paysley. You get all of the online fundraising platforms tools and an unlimited amount of campaigns.
information is power
Collect information while accepting donations. Ask questions, offer dropdown selections, capture donor information. Once a donor is added to your database, you can easily track donations per doner and send them end-of-year statements.
our users enjoy 34% more donations
Organizations that provide a mobile-friendly donation platform are more likely to receive a donation than those who don’t. Take advantage of this trend by switching to Paysley’s mobile friendly platform.
send donation requests their favorite way
Because you’re virtually collecting donations through an online fundraising platform, sending donation requests is a breeze. Send a donation request in a variety of ways:
  • pay by text message to their phone
  • payment link to their email
  • social media selling campaign
  • display QR codes in print or online
small business invoicing software is perfect for...
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recreational camps
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manage your whole donation platform from one place
With Paysley one login can do it all: accept mobile payments, send text to pay requests, enroll clients in auto-pay features, send automatic SMS payment reminders, invite clients to auctions and accept mobile donations, customize payment pages, generate online invoices and automatic receipts, and so much more!
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start a donation campaign in seconds
Creating a new campaign is quick and easy. Set your price, add photos, a description, and your personal flair, then select who you want to send it to. Paysley’s wide assortment of mobile donation solutions makes it easy to personalize your options and expand your donor pool to keep engagements up and funds pouring in.